Why Re-Tile When You Can Re-Grout?

Why re-tile when you can re-grout?

Despite what most people think, more often than not there is nothing wrong with their tiles – most of the time the grout is the culprit and can be replaced for a fraction of the time and cost of re-tiling.

Do your tiles look like the before shots in our slide-show and photo gallery? Well, the after shots are real… We have helped countless home owners in Canberra save money while still enjoying the look of a new bathroom.


There are three key reasons to re-grout instead of re-tiling:

1. Price

Re-tiling can be a costly exercise. Think about the costs involved in replacing your current tiles:

  • The cost of the new tiles
  • Removal of the old tiles
  • Labour costs in laying the new tiles
  • Countless plumbing issues that need to be dealt with

Re-grouting in comparison is a much simpler process and more importantly, will save you money!


2. Speed

No one wants to be without use of their bathroom for any length of time. We are in and out in a fraction of the time it takes to remove and replace the tiles.


3. Appearance

As shown in our gallery, our process really does leave your tiles looking like new, quickly adding value to your home (handy for selling or renting the property).


Why Choose Us? 

  • Carl has been in the industry for over 20 years, specialising in regrouting for the past 12.  He came to specialise in this area after noticing that grouting was a problem just about everywhere he went and saw people spending money on new tiles when they didn’t need to.


  • Having been doing this for so long and surviving on word-of-mouth from satisfied customers, Carl understands how to do the job properly and the best practises, products and processes to use – which is not always the case in this line of work, as some people (often with no experience) seeing it as an opportunity to make a quick buck.


  • All-tile Regrouting is a family owned business.  Carl and his family have been in Canberra for 11 years and he was the first re-grouting specialist in Canberra.

He enjoys the work, knows it inside out and particularly likes saving people money and surprising them with the results (if people didn’t know, they would often assume their tiles had been replaced!).

Give Carl a call today on 0427 617 365 to organise a quote!